Dear Diary…….

Soul-searching probably has no place on a car-related blog but it’s hard for me to separate the two.   This car obsession of mine did not evolve or develop; it spontaneously combusted at the age of three…and has pretty much led me around in multiple directions; few of which have produced positive results.   It’s that monster that is never satisfied yet I can’t seem to resist feeding it.  Idolatry is a dangerous thing and it is my pet sin.

Announcing this personality disorder at the start of this blog makes me feel a little more comfortable… at least the reader understands that the writer is not hiding behind his awesome cars :-)   I never would have attempted this little exercise had it not been placed right under my nose.  (Thanks Rob — I may have to actually grow up now!).

So whoever reads this will not see anything get fixed.  On the contrary, there will likely be fifty or more completely separate projects essentially going nowhere and a whole lot of posts about accumulating more “treasures” which probably should have remained at my favorite hangout, a local scrapyard.  K?



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